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PEST analysis

I shall now carry out a PEST analysis for my product (Fuse bar). I will look at the political, economical, social and technological factors regarding my product.


Advertising restrictions

There are advertising restrictions which will prevent Cadbury from doing certain things. Cadbury will not be allowed to swear, nor will they be allowed to say anything that is offensive to any one.

The competition act (1998)

This allows the competition commission to investigate on any company whenever they feel it is appropriate. The competition commission can check to see weather there are any cartels taking place or any other form of un-fair play. The competition commission will prevent Cadbury from achieving the maximum amount of profit as possible as they might start to investigate into the Cadbury business to see if there is any unfair play if Cadbury do very well.

The sales of goods act (1979) and the sale and supply of goods act (1994)

These two laws make sure that the product is how it is being described, for example, if the advert for Fuse showed that the Fuse bar had caramel then it would have to contain caramel in it.

The products must also be fit for their purpose, for example, if the Fuse bar was designed to be a filling chocolate then it would have to be a filling chocolate. Both of these factors will affect the business as Cadbury will have to make sure that every Fuse bar is made the same and that every bar is almost identical to the one being described on the wrapper or advertisement. This will reduce Cadbury's profits as they will have to dispose of the defect products which will waste time and money. If a customer receives a product that goes against these laws then...