Avce business. unit 17 management and enterprise. C2 criterea. analyse yates and HSBC management styles

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Unit 17


Management styles

Yates use a democratic management style but sometimes they change to a autocratic management style. HSBC use a democratic management style.

Autocratic management style

This is when the manager makes all the decisions, the staff just have to obey what the manager tells them. An example of this management style would be if the manager of Yates wanted more beers stocked up, the manager would tell the worker which beers to stock up, where each beer should go and roughly how much of them to stock up, the member of staff would then carry out the task and await his/her next task.

The manager would often walk around the building checking up on people to see weather they are doing their job, weather they are doing their job correctly and the manager will give out new tasks to staff that have completed their old tasks.

This puts pressure on the manager as the manager constantly needs to be running around making sure that staff have done their jobs properly, this is because the staff are not well trained because the manager gives out all of the tasks therefore if the staff carry out a task incorrectly the manager will get all the blame as the manager was the one that appointed the task to that worker and the manager will be criticised for thinking that the member of staff could complete the task when in actual fact the worker did not have the skills to complete the task. An example of this would be if the manager of Yates told a specific worker to serve a bunch of customers and the worker did not use good manners, the customers would feel abused and would probably not come to Yates again as they would not like...