Avril Lavigne- not just an ordinary artist.

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"Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true" is the exact quote that Avril Lavigne could base her life on. The middle child in her family was only 12 years old when she wrote her first song and further more taught herself to play the guitar. Avril is one of those rare creatures who started wowing people with her voice and character at around age 2. The small town kid grew up in Napanee, Ontario population 5000. She progressed from her bedroom to singing whenever and wherever she could- from gospel music in church to country music at fairs, until she was discovered by Arista records. On a writing trip to New York, Avril caught the attention of antonio Reid, who signed her to Arista. She then moved to Manhattan at the age of 16 and began work on her debut album.

At first her efforts didn't pay off while living in New York. Avril started working with truly talented people but was just not feeling it. Avril claims "the songs weren't representative of me". The company then started talking about haveing people write for Avril, however she had to write for herself. Although it was a very stressful time for Avril, she never considered giving up. Ms Lavigne then moved to Los Angeles which gave her the fresh new start she needed. Avril realised that she had found her guy when she hooked up with producer/songwriter Cliff Magness. Cliff really understood Lavigne and the songs for Let Go started pouring out. In this past year Avril has really grown as a writer. Her first single "complicated" wasn't written about anyone in particular, it is basically about life, relationships and people being fake. Now that her album is done, AVril can't wait to get out and play. Touring with her own skater-punk band of rocker boys- Evan, Matt, Charlie and Jessie wont be all that different from her childhood. Avril admits she is a tom-boy and loves playing with the boys. Avril is a uniquie artist that's music is real and honest and comes from the heart. Her music is capable of reaching both boys and girls. She is currently working on her 2nd album and hopefully her listeners will enjoy it as much as her Debut album Let Go.