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A Revolutionary Supersonic Jet

Avro Arrow jet is the most major scientific achievement of this time

Yesterday, the Avro Arrow jet which is made out of the world's most advanced and leading technology was unveiled to the general public for the first time in Malton, Ontario in front of 12000 people.

The Avro Arrow jet is one of the most ambitious aviation ventures undertaken in Canada. "This is the revolution in the field of making jets" said the president of the Arrow company Bob Benson.

The main reason behind the making of the Avro Arrow was because Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) was looking for a better and superior replacement for their fighter planes.

Yesterday, when the Avro Arrow was first tested, everyone got amazed by its incredible speed when it exceeded the capacity of Mach 2- twice the speed of sound- which was made by NASA in 1953. The huge crowd marveled at the sleek white craft.

The Avro Arrow aircraft is getting introduce to the public

"The technology used to make this fighter aviating is way ahead of this time" said Jim Floyd the designer of the Avro Arrow.

However, he also said that the cost of making each aircraft is $12.5 million which is far more expensive than it was estimated to be at the start of the plan in 1950.

"I am so pleased that Canada invented this marvelous jet, it is now a part of Canadian heritage" said one of the spectators who saw the outstanding abilities of the Avro Arrow.

If these kinds of aircrafts are used in the war, it could have an impact not only on Canada but the whole world as it would definitely change the nature of warfare due its stunning capacity. Wars will get more violent, brutal...