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John Doe


In the 1920's in the Bronx of New York three young boys playing in a park, while one of the boys carves his name into a park bench, he notices there is something wrong and that his hand is not functioning the way it should. We jump ahead to the late 1960's to a man that comes to a mental hospital in the Bronx looking for a job in which he believes is a research jobs. Although it turns out to be a job on the fifth ward, Dr. Sayer is to treat and care for chronically ill patients.

Dr. Sayer has no experience in treating patients, and is reluctant at first until he meets Lucy, Dr. Sayer tries to communicate with her, with no hope of that ever happening, he turns to type his determined and diagnoses.

When he turns around again Lucy has bent over at the waist in the wheelchair with her glasses clutched in her hand. The doctor gently sets her up and peels her fingers from around her glass to get them out of her hands and put them back on her face. Instead, he puts them on the floor and turns around and acts as though he is typing, hoping to turn around again and catch her in the act of trying to pick them up off the floor. When this fails, the doctor drops the glasses from mid-air and the women catches them, he again try's this with a ball in front of his colleges, she catches it. Doctor Sayer says, "She is borrowing the will of the ball," the doctors speculate. His colleagues will not listen to this theory, which sounds suspiciously philosophical, but he thinks he is...