The Awakening And The Pearl Compare And Contrast Essay

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The Awakening, by Kate Chopin is a novel that discusses the awakenings of a Victorian woman living in New Orleans. The Pearl, by John Steinbeck is a novel that tells the story of a poor pearl diver who tries to seek wealth and happiness for his family. After finding a large pearl he believes that all his problems are over. He is soon to learn that this pearl would only cause him more grief and unhappiness than he had before. Both books are similar in their themes and both use a wide variety of symbolism. Both novels include the strong theme of greed, degradation of women and use meaningful symbolism that self-glorifies their stories.

To live good satisfying lives. That's all Kino and his wife Juana, peasants, living in La Paz Mexico, wanted for themselves and their son Coyotito. It was also the only wish of Edna Ponteiller, a young mother and wife living in New Orleans.

The question is how much do you need to achieve satisfaction"¦ The Awakening, by Kate Chopin, is a truthful novel that examines the inferiority of women through the eyes of the protagonist, Edna Ponteiller. While on a summer vacation without her husband at Grand Isle, Edna meets and falls in love with a younger man named Robert Lebrun. When the twenty-eight year old mother and wife returns to her life in New Orleans at the end of the summer, she quickly realizes that she is no longer happy with her social and domestic roles.

As the novel unfolds, Edna withdraws from her husband while she continues to think of Robert. When she thinks she has no chance with Robert, she begins yet another affair based purely upon sex with a New Orleans man named Alcee Arobin. She still loves Robert, however,