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Film Text Response No.1 Dr. Sayer's experiment at the Bainbridge Chronic hospital was far from a disastrous failure for all those concerned. Yet on the other hand I feel that it certainly wasn't successful either.

Dr. Sayer's experiment was one that involved the taking of drugs and working with mentally disabled people. His medical work before hand was experimentation that had nothing to do with people. This already put him in the deep end. His first experiment at his new job was working with Leonard Lowe who was a catatonic patient. He gave Leonard a new drug that had just come out on the market. It was called L-Dopa. This drug started to have an effect on Leonard, so he decided to try it on the other patients. This was probably a bad idea as not all the patients had something to look forward too in life. Unlike Leonard who had has mother by his side.

The drug in which the patients used were very expensive and Dr. Sayer was lucky to get it. The drug only had an effect for a couple of weeks, which gave the patients little time to look at the world. Most of the patients used this time wisely but others didn't. Some patients didn't have anybody there for them and considered that life wasn't that great after all.

The good thing about Dr. Sayer's work was that he did what he was told to do and that was to examine the patients and try to find a cure. He did that exactly and gave these patients a look at life when they were supposed to be mentally dead. This may not have satisfied all but it did satisfy some. Remember this was just an experiment, so defiantly there were going to negatives, but there was also positives. Which gave Dr. Sayer something to work on in the next couple of years.

Dr. Sayer should have just used Leonard in the experiment and not the other patients. Leonard had someone there for him and he also had something to look forward too. Unlike some of the other patients who had no one and had no place in the community anymore. The experiment was worth all the effort, as Dr. Sayer didn't go away empty handed.