Award ceremony, Acceptance speech: Best Director- Baz Lurmann (Romeo and Juliet)

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I am thrilled and stunned. It has been an honour to accept this award and I would like to give a big thank you to those who supported me through out Romeo and Juliet, the cast and crew of the movie and especially fox studios for giving me the chance to film the movie.

William Shakespeare, one of the greatest play writers in the past, I thank you for your magnificent ideas and ability to produce spectacular plays that the modern society can easily link to. William, I thank you for enabling future generations to use your works to produce films that everyone can relate to, and for adding so much themes and detail into your works.

Orlando Bloom and Hilary Duff, what amazing teenagers they are, without them there would be no Romeo and Juliet. Hilary's magnificent acting skills have been able to revolve the Juliet character into a more pretty, witty and funny person.

She has this ability of blending in well with everyone on the cast and familiarizing herself with the play. Orlando is one of those people that just listens to my daunting orders and screams. He played a really good Romeo, and brought the best out of his character with his unique skills of acting. Orlando somehow was able to memorize the whole play and that made him a better actor, he also has this amazing ability of putting on an accent from Shakespeare's time.

Heath Ledger and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, I don't think there would be any two better gentlemen to fit the Mercutio and Tybalt position. They were both just outstanding performers, especially in the scene where Mercutio protects Romeo and fights Tybalt. In this scene Heath is able to express his anger over the Montague's by letting his Adrenaline take over, and...