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Student Survival Guide

Throughout this class I have been challenged with many different assignments. After the completion of these various assignments I have learned valuable lessons that will aid me in my future classes. Some of the concepts that I now have to assist me towards my degree completion are: using Axia's educational resources, academic honestly, goal setting, time management, reading comprehension and retention, and learning styles. By explaining these concepts in further detail I will have a guide that I can follow so that I will be setting myself up for success in my future classes.

Using Axia's Educational Resources

Axia College of University of Phoenix has a vast amount of educational resources available to their students. Some of the resources that I have found myself taking advantage of most would have to be the University Library and The Center for Writing Excellence.

The University Library has everything from A-Z when it comes to conducting academic research. They provide access to article databases such as Thomson Gale PowerSearch and EBSCOhost. I plan to do internet searches using Boolean operations like 'AND' and 'NOT' to narrow down my searches. Also I can use peer reviewed sources, because they are better sources since they have been reviewed by experts in that field of study.

The Center for Writing Excellence has invaluable tools when it comes to writing and submitting academic papers. They are called Plagiarism Checker and WritePoint. Plagiarism Checker like its name implies will check the paper for possible plagiarism in the paper. It will do a search on the internet and see if there are any matches that detect the paper as containing plagiarism. WritePoint checks the submitted paper for basic grammar, usage, and formatting error. I will use these tools extensively...