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Aztecs Economy- Many of the people were farmers. The other commoners were engaged in trade. Male children were trained for war and served in the army.

Aztec merchants traded many of the goods made by craftspeople made from raw materials. These traders obtained many items to sell in the marketplace.

They included tropical feathers, cocao beans, animal skins, precious stones, cloaks and embroided goods. Also at the market male and female slaves were sold. The Aztecs built their city involving a stone causeway linking the many islands to the mainland.

Government- The aztecs were an authoritan state. Power was controlled by a momarch. When the monarch or king died a small group of senior officials selected his successsor from the royal family. This ruler ran his country with a small council of lords and a governmental bureaucracy. In areas outside the capital city they were governed by rulers who had conquered territories.

The central government gave then independence in return for goods or captives.

Arts- Architecture was a main feature of Aztec culture.

Social (gender classes)- The population was divided into classes, of nobility, commoners , indentured workers, and slaves. All nobles got their status by hereditary. Many worked in the government bureaucracy. The commoners were farmers, traders, mechants and members of the army.

Slaves worked in the households of the wealthy. Their children were free citizens. The indentured workers were laborers who worked in the noble estates. They owned no land.

Religion- The Aztecs believed in many gods. Their religion was based on a never ending battle between good and evil in the universe. They also believed in human sacrifice.