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this coursework got me a B , hope this helps anyone

Explore the ways disturbed characters presented in the texts you have studied William Shakespeare and Robert Browning have similar themes in their writing pieces. Their main female characters usually portrayed with disturbed, twisted and insane minds .The pieces included death and murder throughout. However they both have consequences. Shakespeare's character; Lady Macbeth is shown as strong and passionate and Browning's character is strong and ambitious. In Shakespeare's play 'Macbeth', he portrays as Lady Macbeth as having a disturbed mind as she is willing to kill someone for her husband. In Act 1, Scene 5 Lady Macbeth comes across by being disturbed; at the start of scene 5, when she is performing a soliloquy and she says 'Come, you spirits' this makes the audience wonder who she is talking to because she is on her own. Is she talking to herself? Is it her conscience talking? Is she talking to the witches? In Act one, Scene one, the play starts by the witches chanting and making prophecies.

So if she is talking to the witches does this mean she is one of them and is she related to the devil? She is also shown to be disturbed by saying 'unsex me here', this metaphor creates confusion because you can't physically give her masculine qualities and she cannot lose her femininity, the audience knows Lady Macbeth wants to have no femininity values by when she says 'take my milk for gall' her milk would be for nurturing a child but she wants to lose that for poison, and is wanting to swap life for death. They will wonder why, and who does she want to kill? In similarity to Lady Macbeth, the female character in The Laboratory is also disturbed; they...