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USA Today ranked the wealthiest people in the world. They always make the annual list every four years. They had all the familiar faces such as William Gates and Warren Buffett and some changes to the top of the list. If I could change the list I would include Romeo and Juliet as two of the wealthiest people in the world, because in my eyes they had the one thing that is priceless and that was real love. Romeo and Juliet changed everything in their lives for each other. They found out they were doing things they would never have done before the person they love came into their lives. They put aside the hatred between both family the Montague and the Capulet to have two hearts come has one. In addition, they gave up their empires and life's just to be with each other in death .

I always wanted to write a book on meaningful answer for the word wealth.

I have an idea what the cover of the book might be; it would have money on one side and little hearts on the other side. In the middle would be big question mark. People would guess the book was about being in love with money. However, have you ever heard the saying "you can never judge a book from it covers"? Well my book would explain not how to love money, but how love would make someone wealthy.

Colon 2 Many people have their opinion of what wealth is to them. In my opinion having love and being in love is wealth. Being either rich or poor, you can love anybody you want to. I found a great example of this idea of love vs. money in Affluenza:The All-Consuming Epidemic by John de Graaf, David Wann, and Thomas Naylor. The authors refer to a Participant in Debtors Anonymous, a 12- step program who says that "In my family, money was used to express love, so I later spent money to show myself love"(104). When thinking what was said of someone buying materials just to feel loved, it reminded me what I learn from my mother. She taught me that material should not matter people should. When I was thirteen, I was playing video games in my room. Lisa a girl from my neighborhood knocks on my door and asks if I wanted to play with her. Nevertheless, I told her I was playing my video games. Ten minutes later my mother came in my room told me to come with her. She pointed outside where Lisa was crying on the stairs. I felt so bad and I told her my mother what happen. That is when my Mother told me "you can always buy a new toy but you can never buy a new friend". I went outside said sorry to Lisa and she forgave me. From then on, I always choose people over materials.

What the person said was a big example of misuse of love. It bad idea-giving money for peoples love. When you run out of money, you will find out very fast that they did not love you but they love your money. They should always love the person inside you, not what the person can offer.

Colon 3 A second example to support my definition is another quote from Influenza by psychologist David Meyer who points out "We excel at making a living but often fail at making a life. We cherish our freedom but long for connection"(qtd in deGraaf,Wann, and Naylor 109). Meyer is trying to explain how people can have successful and have everything they ever wanted in their life and still feel empty. In my opinion, the answer to anyone that has everything in the world and is feels lonely and depressed is go look for your soul mate. I think there is a perfect person for everyone. If you don't believe me, look at Siegfried and Roy what are the chances that two tiger trainers and magician would find each other maybe one in million.

Love might not stop violence, but it makes your personal life a whole better. A great quote to summarize what I'm trying to show is from Staying Power: Reflections on Gender, Justice, and Compassion" Carter Heyward states that" love creates righteousness, or justice, here on earth(54). " When your in love with another person you feel inner peace.

My cousin Jose lives in a huge house in Puerto Rico and won the lottery for 20 thousand dollars. He had a relationship with a woman but it didn't turn out so well. He told me the only thing she was interested in was him buying stuff for her. She never took the time to get to really know him. He said to me that he would trade in his expensive car, huge house, and money, just to find the perfect person for him to love.

Colon 4 When I think back at my cousin situation, it reminded me of a diamond advertisement. It had a sexy woman wearing a diamond ring on her hand. She had her eyes closed and her arms across her chest. Looking as if she was sleeping dreaming of someone in her arms. That's when I realize the advertisement want you to pretend that if you got that ring the woman that you love, will fall more in love with you. And in her mind you would be the man of her dreams. I was focusing on the writing on the bottom of the advertisement "a diamond is forever". In my opinion love does not demand its own way. All the special gifts will someday come to an end, but love goes on forever, materials won't last forever but the feeling have being in love will last forever.

I ask myself what about the people that can't afford the diamond. What they can't find true love? Well the truth is if you have found your true love she wouldn't care about having a diamond but having your heart.

What this mean to me is rich people are not happier then other people. They just don't have to worry about money problems. Whether you're poor or rich, wanting a connection with another person is just being human. We all ask ourselves these once or twice in our lives are we really happy? The answer is if you got love in your life yes.

Colon 5 Wealth can be expressed in many different definitions. I wish I could add my version of wealth in the dictionary. I would write wealth is having a great friend or lover to comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe. The best definition is from Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love by Helen Fisher who suggest that "love is the most intense of all human experiences" (24).Its hard to explain what love to someone. Love to me is the strongest feeling in the world; it's like when you're away from that person you are depressed even if it's for a moment or two.

Wealthy can be happy from having loving friends, and family. Wealthy do not have exact meaning of it. It is how you feel about the word, and your point of view.

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