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In order to carry out a comparative analysis it is important to determine where in the supply chain B2B marketing ends and B2C marketing begins. The simplest approach would define B2C marketing as all activities accomplished by the organization selling goods or services to the consumer. A more sophisticated approach would make the separation earlier. When the product is already manufactured, marketing activities would be defined as B2C marketiB2B Marketing

Just as with traditional 'brick and mortar' operations, the Internet business owner needs to be able to determine how best to reach desired customers and supply the services the customers want. To do so, requires businesses establish how it wants to conduct business, for instance will it sell directly to consumers or to other vendors. Marketing is an intricate part of any business, whether it is on the World Wide Web or not. Essentially marketing is the linking of a producer (or potential producer) of any given product or service offered with customers, both existing and potential.

This is also true for all online businesses that conduct between business to consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B). Marketing research is informed through several social sciences, particularly psychology, sociology, and economics.

The first stage in planning any campaign is to set clear objectives. It is only by agreeing success criteria with everyone involved in the process. The difference in marketing is that a B2B "seller" tries to differentiate itself from its competition by marketing its value proposition to its target market as one that will save the "buyer" companies a great deal of time and money by automating as much of their supply chain as possible. They do this through the traditional offline methods of advertising, tradeshow, field sales etc. along with websites that provide customer only access to their accounts and...