B2B + B2C Marketing Strategies for (FreshDirect & SYSCO)

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B2B + B2C Marketing Strategies for (FreshDirect & SYSCO)


There are several differences with Business-to-Business (B2B) organizations and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) organizations, and this is no excection when it comes to marketing with either one. B2B and B2C companies have different approaches in how they deal with their customers and also in their selling cycles. In the following paper we will discuss how eMarketing differs on an actual B2B site compared to an actual B2C site. The organizations that will be analyzed on their eMarketing are SYSCO as a B2B entity which is the largest foodservice marketing and distribution company in North America and FreshDirect as a B2C entity that is the most successful online supermarket which delivers right to your home.

B2C Marketing Strategies Discussion for www.freshdirect.com

FreshDirect is a unique company which has been able to win over their customers through the years due to their user-friendly website; they have even been ranked as one of the top internet retailers on the Web.

As with any good website you still need to drive traffic to the site in order to make sales, and the only way to drive traffic is by marketing. FreshDirect is an innovative company and therefore they must get creative in their marketing efforts. The first strategy that FreshDirect uses is a good PR team, the company has several hundred stories and intereviews written about then each year, that amount of possitive press has to bring new business. (Fresh Direct, 2009)

In an inverview on Blog Talk Radio with Steve Druckman the CMO of FreshDirect, he talked about some of the strategies that FreshDirect uses in marketing, and one of the strategies is surveys, the company sends out surveys by mail and email to...