Baba Yaga

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Russian 1020

Maria Koutovenko

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Baba Yaga

According to folktales in Russia and surrounding countries since the 18th century, Baba Yaga is much more than a dangerous witch, many Russians say that Baba Yaga is a mix of deities and sorcery, and her image of Baba Yaga was created many voices and hands. One might say "a Baba Yaga" because in many tales there is more than one Baba Yaga, often 3 sisters that are Baba Yagas. Baba Yaga has many topics, she has cultural significance,

A Baba Yaga is indestructible and so powerful that she doesn't care about the Devil, God or even her storytellers. She opposes every kind of belief and she is an independent woman, she decides whether she will help or kill the people who come to her hut. Western witches often tend to be beautiful and seductive, In contrast to Baba Yaga, which has horrific features such as drooping breasts, a weird long nose, and sharp teeth.

She loves Russian blood and her main preys are children and young women. She kidnaps in the form of a Whirlwind or other disguises, and murders when she wants to. She lives in the forest and protects it, and animals look up to her. Sometimes she can also give advice, but it comes with a price. She can be killed, but there are others who take her place. Baba Yaga holds the secret to the water of life and may even be Mother Earth herself. That is why she still leaves throughout the world.

Baba Yaga had a cultural significance in the nineteenth century, and many scholars and artist in Europe based their work on tales of her. Today, the tales of Baba Yaga are popular everywhere. There are book illustrations, paintings, and many other...