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The crackling thunder and intense rain had stopped two days ago, but it was not until this morning that the water started to subside in the cave. Ted was the only surviving ant in the cave after the lightning storm had dumped its rain with strong winds and lightning on the Island.

Three days later the sun had dried up the water leaving no sign of a storm, except for the debris that the storm had hurled into the cave killing many of the ants instantly.

While walking through the rocky mountains searching for survivors, Ted found Jade and instantly fell in love with her. Jade was a worker ant and even though she couldn’t have children, Ted thought that maybe some day he and Jade might have a family by adopting a child.

During one of their summer walks, they found an abandoned baby ant and decided to adopt her.

They called her Baby Blue. Towards the end of summer Ted and Jade decided to hunt and store food for the winter. They took Baby Blue with them and allowed her to carry some of the food.

Baby Blue was lazy and didn’t like getting up early in the morning. She took some of the food from the cave and hid with it near the entrance. She slept and waited for her parents to come back, and then she would come in with the food.

“Lets move to somewhere warmer, I can’t stand the cold”, was Baby Blue’s response to the chilling temperature in the winter, even though it was very hot during the day, the nights were very cold.

After listening to Baby blue grumble and complain every day, Jade finally said “Ok, if you want to move, we will.”“Perfect!” said Baby Blue.

“When we find one that everyone likes, we can move in”, continued Jade.

The next morning Baby Blue was the first to rise. She was full of energy and she couldn’t wait to find a new home. They walked and look at each cave until they found one that was warm and safe.

“Now we just have to move the food from our old cave in here”, announced Jade.

“Can’t we just sleep here and then go over to our old cave to eat?” asked Baby Blue.

“We can’t do that”, answered Jade. “Someone might take our food and it will be hard to find food in the winter.”Baby Blue knew her mother was right and reluctantly agreed to move the food with her parents.

After settling in Jade decided it was time to fetch their food. On their way over to the cave, Jade suddenly collapsed. Both Ted and Baby Blue rushed to her side and tried to revive her, but to no avail. Both were extremely worried.

Ted commanded Baby Blue, “I will take her back to the cave, you go and move the food.”“Ok”, Baby Blue replied.

Baby Blue quickly rushed to the cave to move the food while Ted took Jade home and looked after her. Baby Blue was half way with the food on her first trip when she dropped it. It was too heavy. Or more accurately, she was too weak. Her muscles were not properly developed. She was not used to carrying food over long distances. She quickly realized that her laziness had consequences, and worst of all, she was going to let down her parents when they needed her the most.

Baby Blue arrived at the cave, exhausted.

“Where have you been?” asked Ted angrily.

“I… ah… it was too heavy”, replied Baby Blue.

“What do you mean it’s too heavy?” demanded Ted.

Baby Blue knew she would have to tell the truth. “I am too weak”, she said with tears coming to her eyes. “During summer when you were hunting for food I used to take out some of the food from the cave and hide it. Then, when you come home I took it back in. I am sorry. I... as of tomorrow, I will go hunting and …, I will work hard … and …”“Ok!” said Ted. “I will go for the food while you stay her and look after your mother”, marching off still a little angry.

When Ted finished his last trip, Jade had regained consciousness. She had suffered from a heat stroke but now she had rested and she felt like her old self again. Everything was ok. And true to her word, Baby Blue woke early in the mornings and went out and brought back food. And before long she was just as strong as her mother.