Baby Boom Generation's Affect on the Music Industry

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Music 129: American Society & Its Music Dr. Jack Foote 6/18/2007

Baby Boom Generation's Affect on the Music Industry

The youthful market of the fifties and sixties, known as the baby boom generation, had an unprecedented affect on the music industry. Compared to the young people of today's generation, baby boomers dictated the culture much more significantly. Albeit not in the same sense, they retain a minor affect on popular music today. The baby boomers have always been the largest buying group in America, but never more obviously than when it came to the music of their teen-aged years. When looking at baby boomers born between the years 1947 to 1955 and comparing that market segment to the people born between 1986 to 1994, there is a similar amount of births per years. But it's necessary to consider the percentage of the population to understand the whole picture. The change in technology also plays a meaningful part on the influence wielded by today's youth compared to the baby boomers.

In the past, there were a few radio stations, a couple of television shows to provide free exposure of popular music, and the only media available was vinyl records. Today, there are much more sources of exposure to music, such as MTV and several similar cable television sources. Radio includes more stations in AM and FM, as well as satellite stations, albeit by subscription. The media upon which the music is delivered is vastly different, and has changed recently as well. Without the ability to purchase single songs, today's youth don't have the motivation to purchase as much music.

After World War II, the United States experienced an unusual spike in births, which led to the baby boom generation. The youthful markets of the fifties and sixties were baby boomers...