Baby Be-Bop By Francesca Lia Block

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Setting: I'm not sure about the time period that this book was set in, perhaps during the 1980's. It takes place in Hollywood, California, where Dirk lives with his grandmother Fifi in a cottage.

Main Characters: Dirk: He is a teenage boy in high school that adores the beach and his surfboard, along with Fifi's red-and-white Pontiac convertible.

Fifi: She is just an old and odd woman who wants to know her grandson Dirk.

Summary: Dirk is just a teenage boy that is attending high school in Hollywood, California. But something isn't quite right with him.

Walking home one day, Dirk meets a boy named Pup Lambert. They end up becoming best friends and do absolutely everything together. Then Dirk realizes he has feelings for Pup, and Pup makes it quite clear that he too has feelings for Dirk. But in the end he is too scared to be seen as different, and starts dating girls.

After he starts dating all these girls, him and Dirk pretty much stop hanging out or talking to each other.

Dirk shaves his head and makes himself a Mohawk, and starts going to punk shows. Then one evening after a show he gets in an argument with some guys and one of them stabs him.

He gets in his car and drives home, staggering into the house and climbing into bed. Suddenly, the magic lamp that Fifi gave him for his birthday started to come alive. The "genie" went through the stories of his parent's lives, and his grandmother Fifi's life. It also told him that he too had a story to tell, and that any love was good and all right as long as it was love.

Dirk woke up in the hospital with Fifi by his side. She said he'd been there a while, and that they had been sharing stories. He thought to himself that stories could set you free, when you let them free.