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There was a time when babies were just put in swathing cloth till the time they were of age to wear clothes that were similar to the adults, but in the miniature size. Most of the clothes were made by hand and were made with natural fibers. The limitation on the types of fabric in the early days the two main materials used was cotton for the warm season and wool was used during winter. Children clothes were not a fashion but rather a necessity to keep the child warm and comfortable.

As life progressed and fashionable clothes began to get streamlined for adults, so did the clothes for children especially those who could afford it. Machines took over and it became much easier to stitch clothes for children that were durable and looked good. They make their children's designs popular modeling became a medium and children's clothes were modeled for in magazines and new papers.

As soon as the trend of modern clothes caught on big names in the market began to compete in the market to manufacture clothes that were comfortable, convenient as well as fashionable not forgetting the status symbol that came with the clothes. Some of the big brands that exist today as well are Mother Care, Marks and Spencer etc.


With the boom of synthetic material, machines, good handicraft and designers children's clothing has become a fashion trend. Children are dressed up for regular days, school, parties and even special occasions like fancy dresses, Halloween etc. Even though children outgrow their clothes in a matter of months, many fashion designers have taken up the challenge to design clothes and today there is a big variety in the market.


Like any other business trend fashion has become a large industry today...