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Baby think it over is an infant simulator that makes teenagers realize their poor abilities to be near future parents. Actually, abilities, are not the most profound reason why teenagers should delay their parenting status. The reason I found parenting an occupation I will not be hired for any time soon, is my lack of time I can spend with my boss(baby). Parenting is a job, not a hobby.

Personally, I found Baby think it Over, to be a worthwhile investment, but not for me. I will not be having a child any time soon, so this project shows me no personal relevancy. This project, while important to others, should be emphasized in areas where teenage pregnancy is more common. This 250-dollar investment is excruciatingly annoying, very common to what is known by many as a baby.

Although probing a baby is a federal offense, this is the only way to subdue this raging animal.

I hypothesize that a baby will require more personal attention, and many other ways of attention than probing it in the backside. I'm just glad probing, is all I had to do. Who knows what I would do if burping and changing the diaper were required in this program. Also, money, I don't have much of it, so if I had to spend as much money on a child as I would attention, I might have to sell my body to science. An incredible amount of everything goes in to the caring for a baby, and my everything is not ready to depart from the Zach Mitchell airport.

My experience was quite unconforming to my expectations. When my younger sibling was a baby, I never found him to be such a nuisance, but my parents were the ones taking care of him not myself. I thought I would be able to do this with ease, which I did, but I also was able to realize I only had to do this for 1 night, not even as close to as how many sun-downs real parents do.

If I could change this project I would make the nervous pupils perform daily tasks such as shopping, or even making dinner a requirement for this project. Although I didn't have a football game or practice today, I think that making the student take this baby to either of those, is cruel or unusual punishment, which we are protected by in the Declaration of Independence.

To recap the thoughts of Zach Mitchell, I found this project as a whole, a part time entertaining but an overwhelming pain is the rump. To carry around a baby after school is like trying to walk through a party with a hot date, everybody has to stop and stare, some even make comments. I realized that parenting is not any time near in my life, so I have no need to prepare. I just hope when the time comes, Zach and his wife of many a moons, will be implausibly, impeccable parents.