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Essay by jlkarlson November 2014

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Jennifer Karlson

SOC 395 - Rough Draft

27 October 2014

The First Amendment: Back to Basics


Any innovation, idea, concept, or technology when presented to man has its obvious implications, strengths and weaknesses. When man first invented the wheel, some uses for this new technology were obvious, but at that time, there would be no way for these individuals to visualize the thousands of new uses and applications that would come with time and the obvious changes it brings. In this following presentation, I plan to explore the problems, tragedies and possible solutions brought forth by the introduction of cyberbullying to civilization. As with the above example of the invention of the wheel, the U.S. Constitution at its inception was designed to be useful and applicable given the state of the human race at that time. This presentation will also include opinions, both personal and professional, that will eventually tip the scale of justice.

Although some opinions bear more weight in the end, all are added to strengthen a particular case.

When our Forefathers in their infinite wisdom penned our first amendment allowing for and protecting our freedom of speech, there was obviously no possible concept of modern communication, let alone the ever-expanding world of the internet. Now as we enter the 21st century, our lawmakers, legislators and legal officials have unforetold problems and possible solutions that will eventually reshape and reform our U.S. Constitution, including our first amendment rights. One of these new dilemmas is the concept of cyberbullying and how our schools and institutions of learning deal with such problems on and off the campus while staying within the guidelines of the U.S. Constitution. The Supreme Court of the United States has a mission to interpret and apply the elements of this wonderful document known as the...