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In 2009 November, Janice and TJ TEE set up the first shop in Klang Valley and name is as Ninja Joe. This is because they wanted to make a pork burger available to the average joe. The brand is related with the Japanese culture as the Japanese not just famous for their quality and efficiency but also for their creative, quirky and colorful nature. Before this, you could only have pork burger in high-end café or steak house. So they wanted to make it available to everyone and the average joe. And Ninja Joe was born.

However during 2011, their business took a plunge due to a partnership deal went sour. Then, the founders have been resolved to bring the brand once again to its best.

Janice and TJ Tee was feel proud to be first independent burger brands in Malaysia. And they have his own competitive edge, which is being one of the non-halal cuisine local area restaurant in town.

Ninja Joe also set itself by his unique original homemade recipes that place a high importance on quality ingredients. Because of this, the brand boasts a loyal.

Lastly Ninja joe have become the best known for pork burger craze in Klang Valley. And now Malaysia has five outlet at The Garden, Tropicana City Mall, 1 Utama and Setia City Mall. In addition the brand provide an array of hotdogs, sandwiches and snacks