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Back injuries happen every day especially in healthcare. Every single day in the United States, 9000 healthcare workers sustain a disabling injury while performing work-related tasks. Disabling back injury and back pain affect 38% of nursing staff. In evaluating studies related to back injury. Twelve percent of all nurses intending to leave nursing permanently cited back pain as either a main or contributing factor." In the 1998 Bureau of Labor Statistics ranking of the professions at the highest risk for back injury, healthcare workers accounted for 6 of the top 10 positions. An obvious conclusion would be that these injuries are contributing, at least in part, to the current nursing shortage.


80% of healthcare workers will experience a back injury in their career. Nurse's aides are at the highest risk to sustain a back injury while nurses are next in line and all other techs, orderlies and attendants etc are after that.

Back injuries can be from neglect, accident or assault etc. These high numbers of back injuries can explain why there are always jobs in healthcare.


Back injuries can go undiagnosed. Symptoms of a back injury are any kind of pain in your dorsal surface. Reasons back injuries go undiagnosed are because people are not in touch with their body. A lot of cases of back injuries are pregnant women just putting the injury off and contributing the injury to their pregnancy.


After sustaining a back injury there are many treatment options depending on your case. There are many types of drugs you could take but they are mostly narcotics and just help the pain. Physical therapy is an option but that also only depends on your case also there are many different types of surgery's you can have but then again that all depends...