The Background of Asian financial Crisis

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Chapter 1Introduction31.1The background of Asian financial crisis4Chapter 2Literature Review9Chapter 3Research Methods123.1Limitations13Chapter 4Data analysis and Discussion14Background of each countries4.1Thailand144.2Indonesia174.3Malaysia174.4Philippines194.5Hong Kong204.6Data analysis21Chapter 5Conclusions and Recommendations5.1Evaluation295.2conclusion31Reference1.IntroductionI am an undergraduate student in year three, and my subject is Financial Management. The reasons for my chose are because I am interest in these topics, and I am very little understanding of the financial crisis, I want to know more about the Asian financial crisis in 1997. Also it is relative with my subject; these topics are full of challenges, temptations and knowledge. In addition, it is relevant my future career, know more about it is good for my future job.

The aims of this report are through the research and a lot of information to understand the causes of the Asian financial crisis, the phenomena in the financial crisis, and how to avoid or solve it. Secondly, through this project to enhance or extend my financial knowledge and experience, and it will widen my field of vision.

The third is developing the skills of my investigation and communication. The fourthly is to developing my ability to apply research methods in the investigation of a current accounting or finance issue. Finally, it is provide an opportunity for initiative and judgment in the management of research project and develop and provide evidence of the application of analytical skills.

In my opinion, financial crisis is the weak or bad financial indicators of a country, several countries or regions; it is short, fast and ultra-cycle deterioration. Such as: short-term interest rates, monetary assets, securities, real estate, land prices, the number of the business or financial companies closed down, and so on.

The financial crisis makes people have not got expectations in the future economic, and have more pessimistic feeling on the economic. During that period,