Background Influences: Describe the major influences that can affect future decisions.

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An 8 year old boy gets off the school bus and opens his front door to the climax of his parents fight. Many things happen during this short period of time, irreversible memories now begin to record themselves in his small mind as to how arguments should be settled and what should be said in them. In Sanders' story, he suggests that no matter how hard we try, we cannot escape the influence of our background. I believe that this is true because your background influences such as environment, morals and values, and most influentially your family affect your future decisions and actions.

As a child one of the most important beginning influences is your environment. Not like the geographic location in the world, but more so the city, neighborhood, school, and friends you keep. When you first start trying to form your identity as a decision maker, you try to get a feel for how things work with new people.

As a kid, it is usually what toys or TV shows are "cool" that determines if you are a part of an acceptable group or not. This in turn leads to teach you that to make a decision on making a friend later in life, you should base the choice off of wether or not someone fits in the with the "popular" group in your eyes. The same is for if you start off with a compassionate little heart as a growing kid, becoming friends with the one boy that's always picked last in kick-ball, or the girl that's always on the swinging by herself. This affects your future just as strongly as the first choice, but instead you will see people more for who they truly are and not for what they might be trying to pretend...