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TKMB Background Project

January 12, 2013

Dear John MacAfee,

Hi my name is Bobby Macaroni but everyone calls me Big Mac because I am very skinny. We have a new teacher in our school and she seems really nice unlike the other teacher we had before. Our class is filled with a lot of things like pictures, drawings and other interesting things that we could find around. We all know each other in the class and we like to play games together as well as with the kids from our neighborhood. Our school is the only school for blacks in Southern Alabama and we sometimes have to walk about 10 miles to get to school. We can only walk to the school because we can't afford a school bus.

Our new teacher is very nice and she teaches us more than the teacher we had before. She is teaching us about what is currently happening in Alabama and all over the United States of America. Also she teaches us all subjects including music and singing. All the things we learn are basic but everyday is a brand new lesson. One thing that I learned was that workers are getting paid less and the blacks get paid much less than the white. She always teaches us new things and sometimes we would go outside to draw some animals like birds, rabbits, dogs and cats. As you might not know the teacher isn't an adult she is 5 years older than me but she learns all these things from her father. Her father used to clean up in a school where only white people were allowed to go. (Education For African Americans In 1930's) / (1930's Education)

In our class we got a black board as well as hard chalks. On...