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Backing up a system is copying the data to a secure area of storage. Backing up data is important to keep information intact and continue business at XYZ corporation.

Roles and Responsibilities Roles ResponsibilitiesIT Zone Service Managers•Define strategy for backups•Finds way for backup and restoration•Troubleshooting•Performs recovery strategies IT Support Staff•Monitors daily backups of servers•Perform manual backup in the case of failure Business Areas •Notifies IT staff of data restoration•Provides information and input on restoration requirements Backup Procedure A backup procedure will consist of the SA implementing and maintaining backup and restoration solutions for all Windows platforms in their respective area. The IT zone managers will have one backup master server with the rest of the Windows clients. The master server will be directly attached to a tape library with large capacity such as Jukebox or Silo for data storage.

Backup ScheduleBackup Client Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday AFULLINC INC INCINCINCINCBINC FULLINC INCINCINCINCCINC INC FULLINCINCINCINCFULL = Full backup; INC = Incremental backup.

Storage Media Management Tape backup would be recommended as storage management for data. The steps needed for the support staff are to be responsible in the performance of daily tape management. They would decide a time of day of when and how to label the tapes. Handling the tapes would be done using six digital numbers with the first three digits representing a unique site code and the last three digits representing the sequential tape number Handling the Data Tape With the support staff handling the tape backup the steps taken for this would be to unload previous backup tapes, eject tapes from the tape library, enter new scratch tapes into the tape library, mount the nightly backup tapes, including labeling or re-labeling the tapes and inventorying the library, and tape storage location to be identified.

Verification of backup:The IT staff will do maintenance checkups of the servers on a daily basis, and backup notification notes can be modified show up on the backup messages to the Windows support staff to confirm whether the backups were done successfully.

Backup Problem Resolution1. If there is a problem in the backup a backup resolution will be performed by the IT analyst2. If there is a problem in the hardware a call will be made to the support team3. If the issues are software related a trouble ticket will assigned to the proper department to handle4. If any changes are made to the configuration of the server/servers; it will be recorded.

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