The Backlash of Poor Self-Acceptance

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Studies have proven that poor self-acceptance and low self-esteem causes a person to be socially and emotionally isolated (Nicholas Emler). These characteristics are being discovered in today’s youth more now than ever. Studies have also proven that interaction with a person is the perfect way to gain self-esteem, self-acceptance and most importantly confidence. The same can be said about Troy Billings, a seventeen year old, 296 pound, unpopular outcast. He has endured many torments and practical jokes at his expense and throughout the story, comes to the conclusion that he is at fault for these cruel actions towards him. His family also plays a critical role in his low self-image and poor self-acceptance. In the novel Fat kid rules the World by K. L. Going, Troy Billings is a victim of his own low self-acceptance until a new found friend comes to help.

Troy’s obesity is one of the several reasons why his self-acceptance is so poor.

His rapid weight gain began at a young age after his mother had died. The tragedy of his mother death was the turning point of Troy’s life. After she had passed, he began to start losing his confidence and became an outcast amongst his peers. He no longer played any sports and ceased to watch what he ate. Troy mentions several times the hate and disgust he has toward himself because of his weight. “Maybe I wouldn’t even get my other leg off the platform-my weight would pull me down like an anchor. That’s how I see it. The train plows into me; my fat bursts apart, expand to cover the train window and the tunnel walls” (K. L. Going, 2). He even contemplates several times about committing suicide. His obesity plays a critical role in his lack of self-confidence...