Backround of the Armenian Genocide

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Indifference and hate has plagued the world since the beginning of humanity. Humans strive to be unparalleled, therefore putting others beneath them. Genocide is the undertaking of attempting to eliminate a group of people that one finds harmful to the oppressor's future. The Turks killed millions of Armenians trying to rid their country of them for racial superiority and sovereignty. However animosity does not materialize overnight. The Turks have always had strife with the Armenians. Unrest in Turkey succeeding the Ottoman Era was tremendous and the Armenians were made to suffer. Although the Armenians caused no direct trouble; political, economic, and cultural upheaval in Turkey made the Armenians extremely convenient scapegoats.

Armenia is one of the world's oldest civilizations. Armenia has a unique Indo-European language. Interestingly, Armenia is the name given to Armenia by its neighbors long ago. Local citizens refer to it as "Hayastan". It was the first nation to adopt Christianity as its official language in 301 A.C.

Armenians received much prosecution because of their religion. In their long history, Armenia has been successfully invaded and conquered by about eight other countries ( Under the Ottomans, Armenians enjoyed autonomy as a loyal community religiously, culturally, and socially. Armenia had a very turbulent history in terms of territory. Since 1890, Armenian students started the Dashnaks, a guerilla warfare waging group. They attacked Turkish army units; Kurdish villages there were involved against attacks on Armenians, and gendarmerie posts. The guerilla attacks slowed during pre-WWI but escalated once more when Turkey joined the war against Russia for Russia is a traditional ally of Armenia.

The Dashnaks escalated rapidly. Rallying volunteers from all parts of the world as far as America, the Dashnaks grew and started asking for help from America, England, and France. On April 24, 1915, there was an Armenian...