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"Lord of the Flies" by William Golding is a classic novel that tells the story of when people are put in a situation, what some of their reactions would be. In this book a plane was shot down with a bunch of kids in it. The kids are stranded on an unknown island with no adults because the pilot was killed. They have to survive on their own and try to be civilized human beings. The groups of children finally break into two groups, the hunters and the shelter builders. The hunters just want to hunt and not worry about being rescued. The other group believes in having a fire going at all times hoping to be rescued. They do this because they think that if someone sees the fire then there is a chance of rescue, the hunters didn't believe in this. In the book they think that a beast is trying to get to them and kill them.

All these rumors go around on how it has wings and can walk without leaving footprints. When they finally find the so-called beast, they find out that it was just a wild Boar and killed it with a spear. They don't know yet that the Boar they killed was the beast so they cut his head off and put it on a spear to try to catch the beast. The main character Ralph is sitting next to the pig's head and since there are a lot of flies around it he calls it the "Lord of the Flies". The hunters had a tribal feast to celebrate killing the pig and while they were dancing one of the kids went through the trees and the whole group thought it was the beast so they killed the boy. The two groups started to fight more. Jack, the leader of the hunters tries to kill Ralph but he runs away to hide. Jack found out where he was hiding and he went to find him. Ralph ran through the woods but he ran into a naval officer. The officer said that he found them because of the smoke from the fire.

The conflict in this novel is "person versus person." The protagonists, Ralph and Piggy fight the antagonist Jack. Jack is the leader of the hunters and he wants to kill things and not worry about trying to survive the long term. On the other hand Ralph and Piggy try to keep a fire going at all times, that way someone can see it and rescue them. The two groups fought a bunch about little things that really didn't mean anything.

I have chosen five symbols to represent the different meanings of the book. I have chosen a conch, which is a type of shell that the groups used to get everyone together for meetings and such. One other item I picked to represent the book is a toothpick because the types of weapons they used were spears and so I thought that a toothpick looked like a spear. They used the spear to put the dead Boars head on. The next item I used was a naval officer because the person to save the groups of children was a naval officer. A different item I used was a pig because the "Lord of the Flies" was a pig and that is the beast that they killed. The last item I put in were matches. I put these in because the most important thing to a certain group was the fire. They felt that the fire could save their lives if anyone saw the smoke.

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