Bad or Awful? The Canadian Gun Registry

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It was again in the year 2000 when something designed to help us became an issue that most Canadians worry about every single day. There are currently many important problems with the Canadian Firearms and because of those problems people across Canada worry about their lives every single day. The Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) has been nothing but futile and was never worth implementing. The program has cost Canadians lots of money, and did not and still is not living up to its promised outcomes.

Canadians all over Canada have been disappointed by the outcome of the CFP. To date, the registry has cost over two billion Canadian dollars and the cost is still growing. The Auditor-General of Canada, Sheila Foster, issued a report in 2002 reporting that the project was running over its initial proposed budget and that the execution of the project had not only management but strategic problems throughout.

It was estimated that Canadian taxpayers would initially pay only two million Canadian dollars and the rest of the costs would be covered by the income of those registering their firearms. Shortly after, it was estimated that by 2004/2005 Canadians would have to pay approximately one million for the project - an underestimate. One of the reasons why the cost to taxpayers has risen significantly is that revenues from fees that were intended to cover most of the Program's expenditures have fallen far short of original expectations (2002 auditor General's report, section 10.30). It is understood that the program would be self-sustaining using the income from all of the taxpayers registering their firearms. Truthfully, there were fee reductions and refunds to those that have registered their firearms. The Department of Justice refunded just about two million and as a result, the increased cost of running the program was...