Bad Effects of Globalization on Developing Countries

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Last few years, I heard this words a lot of times, it seemed to me like everybody was talking about globalization. Some politicians were saying that it is inevitable and that it will change world to a better place, where people will live like in a small village in peace and harmony, economists argued that economy of both developing and developed countries will benefit a lot of it. I have never ever expressed a doubt about globalization. I was thinking that will be a great opportunity to decrease poverty and exclusion, but after the events that happened in Seattle summit, a strong movement against globalization raised up and conceptions of many people about this inevitable fact changed completely, and I was one of them. So an important question came to my mind can globalization really helps to economical development for developing countries? And could it be a solution to eradicate economical exclusion of poor countries?

Before beginning my paper, I will ask an elementary but important question, what is a good definition of globalization.

Globalization is a word that holds plenty of meanings, depending on the field your specialized, your cultural implicit biases and economical and social status.

Globalization in my point of you, as it appears these days, is the invasion of the western culture of the other cultures and the kill of the others entities for a unique dominance of the single and surely the powerful culture. This is maybe a rude definition but let's just call things by their names. This could reveal my point of view about the subject, but my paper is about bad effects of globalization on poor countries. The evolution to a world always more globalize uniform is not a new idea, colonialism and imperialism had tried by their conception to force colonized...