A Bad Night

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One would tend to believe that the lives of us cats are simple and uneventful. I am here as proof that even though you see us as lazy and constantly sleeping peacefully in the corner or in the warm sun, what you believe is not always true. I have had my (un)fair share of eventful days/nights and adventures, whether by design, accident, or just my usual misfortune. My name is D’Argo, I’m a Maine Coon cat and my misfortunes and adventures started when I was still a kitten.

Shortly after I was born, a very nice human family adopted me into their home making me feel more than welcome in my new house. Over the next few weeks I became quite the active and energetic cat. I would sit on the window sill so I could see all the nice trees to climb and small animals to chase. All of this opportunity for fun made me even more excited.

Eventually, I had such a bad case of cabin fever that my new family had to let me go outside. I was initially content with staying close to the house, in the backyard, exploring all the new and wonderful things that my expanded world has become. As my curiosity increased so did my courage, and I started to explore more and more of the neighborhood. This is what got me into my first bit of trouble.

By now I had a pretty good routine; I would sleep in the house all day, then go outside in the early evening for some fun and be back in the house around ten P.M. for dinner and short nap before going back outside in the middle of the night to chase mice. One evening, I was passing my neighbor’s garage I noticed that the big door was open. Wow! What an interesting place. After investigating the entire garage, I found this fantastic box in the corner. The top was partially open and inside were comfortable blankets and old clothes, just the perfect spot for a quick nap! I jumped into the box and made myself a nice spot to curl up and quickly fell asleep. Sometime later I woke up; the garage was all dark but, luckily, being a cat allows me to see in the dark! What I saw shocked me. Not only was there now a car in the garage, the door was closed as well. I quickly ran around to see if there was another way out, an open window or another door I had not noticed before, but there were none. I was trapped, something which I never had experienced before and the fear quickly crept into me. Letting out a big MEOOOOOW, I was sure someone would hear me, but no one opened the door. For hours I kept on begging for someone to let me out, but no one heard my sorrowful pleas. Sometime in the middle of the night I heard my name being called. Meow? Someone please let me out? Meow? The voices got closer. It was my family! MEOW! MEOW! I heard the latch on the door click and it slowly began to rise. Warm happiness quickly melted away the cold fear. I was so relieved that I was no longer alone that I barely had time to thank my family before my stomach took over my feelings of joy and I scurried back to my warm house and delicious food.

I know that I was stuck for only a few hours, but when you are only six months old, trust me, that is a big deal! Unfortunately, my curiosity has gotten the better of me on a couple of occasions since my first adventure, but I like to think that I learn something new from each experience. The next time you see a cat quietly resting in the sun don’t think we are lazy, just know that we are resting up for our next big adventure.