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Enterprise TechnologiesBaderman Island is an all-inclusive resort consisting of two golf courses, three hotels, a convention center, multiple restaurants and gift shops, and a spa (University of Phoenix, 2009). The three business areas of opportunities presented in this paper using enterprise technologies includes supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management. Opportunities, justifications, and uses for competitive advantages are presented for each area as well as potential challenges that will be faced through implementation.

Business Areas and Suggested Technologies1st Business Area: Supply Chain Management (SCM)In addition to helping to create an efficient, integrated company, supply chain management also plays a large part in reducing costs. SCM can help make Baderman Island more efficient and effective through strategic partnerships, information sharing, demand and supply forecasting, and e-commerce web portals (O'Brien, 2003). The use of strategic partnerships and information sharing builds a relationship between the suppliers and buyers that can help both parties reduce their costs, better forecast demand, and diminish lead times.

Potential OpportunitiesSupply chain management is a driver for reducing inefficiencies. SCM applications will allow Baderman Island to adopt a more flexible, real-time business model that can respond quickly to emerging marketplace opportunities and competitive threats. As stated from an article on the competitive advantage of Information Technology, (n.d.), the specific areas of opportunities include:•Fulfillment - ensuring the appropriate quantity of supplies is available at the needed time.

•Logistics - keeping the costs of transportable materials as low as possible while still maintaining safe and reliable delivery.

•Revenue and Profit - ensuring no sales are lost because shelves are empty.

•Spend - keeping the costs of purchased products at acceptable levels.

JustificationSCM software and web-based solutions will allow operations management professionals to conduct tasks such as forecasting, inventory planning, ordering, and production planning with more ease and accuracy.