Baderman Island Organization Staffing Strategies Paper

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The Baderman Island is a self-contained, all-inclusive resort destination that Island features an array of restaurants, three different hotels, a convention center, the historic Neustadt Lighthouse, and an almost unlimited list of activities to entertain and relax you. In this paper we will evaluate their recruitment and staffing strategies, discuss how the strategy is legally compliant.


In 1923, the Baderman purchased twenty-six hundred acres of farmland around the Kelsey river valley. The Baderman farmhouse is built on 1600 acres of land nearly surrounded by a long bend in the Kelsey River. In 1932, Baderman family relocated a lighthouse from Germany to the shore of the Kelsey River. In 1952 the original Baderman farmhouse was demolished to make way for the new Baderman Estate, which was joined in 1956 to the lighthouse. Renovations begin on the Baderman Estate to convert the property into the Baderman Island Resort in 1988 when the Kelsey River was redirected, which placed part of Baderman homestead on an island.

In conjunction with the Town of Kelsey, 400 acres of botanical preserve was established on Baderman land in order to protect the 12 species of rare and endangered butterflies in the area. Although the Kelsey River project did not come to a realization until 2005, the Baderman family spent years in the design of an all-encompassing resort to offer guests and day visitors a unique leisure experience.

Hiring Policies and Goals

The Boardman Management Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer that follows the philosophy of recognizing the individual attributes and values that each of its employees brings to the job, with respect and acknowledgement. These principles allow the company to successfully reach its goals of providing excellent customer services and ultimately corporate profitability. In order to accomplish this, and to stay successful within the marketplace, they...