Balance in the Administration of Justice and Security in the Workplace

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Balance in the Administration of Justice and Security

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MSAS0BK988; CJA 550

December 8, 2008

Criminal Justice in the 21st Century

Numerous legal issues influence the administration of justice and security in America. Key legislation has been passed that would historically be viewed unconstitutional. Legislation such as the U.S. Patriot Act remains a contentious issue. Balance between providing citizens with a safe and secure community to live in and protecting individual rights and liberties such as the right to privacy is a difficult task to accomplish. A person's right to privacy is coveted and sacred right. Law enforcement officials are bound by the U.S. Constitution and interpretations of the Constitution have provided law enforcement guidelines and definitions to what extent a person's privacy may or may not be violated. As the criminal justice profession continues to operate in the twenty-first century, technological advances available to law enforcement officials have changed and improved the methods in which officials can gather intelligence.

Along with the technological advances come the legal issues associated with using them.

Balance Between Control and Freedom

The administration of justice and security through the repression of primary liberties in the name of protecting our nation serves neither. Succeeding generations of Americans have struggled with finding balance in justice and individual rights. From the foundation of the nation in the eighteenth century through the Civil War in the nineteenth century to the fear of communism of the McCarthy era in the twentieth century. The events of September 11 have shoved this dilemma on the current generation in the twenty-first century. This dilemma raises the issue of what civil liberties are justifiably diminished in order to maintain national security. What constitutional rights are citizens willing to forfeit to...