The Balance of Power, capitalists and the proletariats.

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I cannot bring myself to believe that any of the problems we face in this day and age are the result of the world around us or any other specific factor we may tell ourselves play a role in the development of our shortcomings as far as our society is reflected as a whole. Instead of belying a scapegoat as we tend to so arrogantly do to allow us to sleep at night I say we look no further than ourselves.

Yielding from the great and prosperous seeds of mankind, with the ability's to reason, and build, and to improve the world we now live in is the world we have created for ourselves. Let me ask you this; what did you do today to make the world a better place? Did you feed any hungry children? Did you clothe a needy soul? Did you even think of making a difference in your world today? Whether you did or did not is not the issue; none of us have, that doesn't make you a terrible person, or some uncaring being, only the product of your society, you have become the average American.

We have too much to do nowadays to bother with what everyone else is doing; our government is responsible for the less fortunate. If you didn't help with the welfare of others, then what did you do to help yourself? Did you rise your social standing today? Have you become a more important person? Have you increased your salary today? Or did your status, salary and position stay the same? The majority of us played our usual roles on the stages of our everyday routines.

We all have goals, and aspirations, however very few us ever meet these goals, and the reality is that very few of us...