Bald Eagles

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I am doing my report on bald eagles and how they tie in with ecology.

The bald eagle adults both male and female have white head an tails plus a black middle and wings. The largest wingspan known is 9.3 feet long that is a female from Australia. Their weight can vary from 13-18 pounds.

Their eye sight is so remarkable they can read a newspaper a football field away.

The chick eagles don't grow their white feathers until 7 years of age, and when they are old enough they leave the nest and never return.

The nest are so remarkable they astound zoologist every where. The nest are 20 feet deep and 9 feet wide and they can weigh a ton. The bald eagle is a carnivore. The eagles teach each other to forage for food. They even steal food from osprey.

The Migration is mainly U.S. based. They migrate during the cold season Alaska and the upper states.

Then they move to the lower warmer states like Texas.

They also migrate because of food source. They always travel in the day except in the rain. Their routs of travel Are avoiding oceans and large cities because lack of thermal pockets. They can normally travel 30-60 miles per hour. But when swooping for food they can go 100 miles per hour.

All eagles are raptors just like Hawks and Owls. There was a marvelous eagle named Old Abe. An army man bought him for $2.50 from an Indian that found him injured in Wisconsin. This bird is famous for being the symbol of freedom and boosting the spirits of soldiers in the war.

The Americans are trying to conserve the eagles by building preserves and laws. These preserves take eagles and watch them from a distance and monitor their moves and if they come back or not. One major preserve is the Chilkat Bald eagle preserve in Alaska. This preserve was built in 1982.

This preserve owns 48,000 acres of land. Up the road on Haines Highway you may view some nesting eagles. Or at a 4 mile stretch of land known as the Council grounds . The reproduction rate because of the laws the eagles population has grown.

Some of the laws are, It is illegal to own a Bald Eagle feather.

And also for hunting, trapping or deliberately hurting a eagle you can get 1 year in prison and a fine.

Some reasons for endangerment is the loss of land and production of large cities. Another is the D.D.T chemical used in farming. and another is the Lumber jacks chopping down forest.

That is my ecology project for Mr