A Ballet for All

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Ballet is a type of dance that originated in the 16th century. They can be performed alone, or as a group. Most traditional ballets tell a story, express ideas, or emotions and are player with music. The participants of a ballet also known as ballets wear tights, and tutus. They also wear stiff point shoes. The uniform allows movement to be free-flowing, and emphasizes the freedom, and weightlesness of the dancers. The movements are very difficult but this is not shown in the performance, it looks as if the dancers are flying, and have no weight at all. There are 5 main positions of the feet and arms, from these ballet movements are created. High elevations of feet, arms, and the entire body are just the beginning of the skill needed to perform ballet.

In the first act the movements were very slow, and steady. Everything was very calm, and it gave off a relaxing effect.

It also made things sort of boring, and dull. I think that things would have been more interesting if the whole group danced the entire time. The space was very big at first because there was only two people dancing, but then as more ballets were introduced it became very crowded. In some parts when the ballets would leap across the stage it gave off the impression that they were going to hit each other. There was hardly no space in between the partners, they were constantly close together.

In the second part, the two ballets started off very close together and remained that way until the middle of their act. They didn't move around a whole lot, and didn't take advantage of how big of an area they had. It seemed like the constantly stayed in the center or all the way...