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CHAPTER 1: DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM Section 1.1: Statement of Purpose The purpose of this research project is to investigate the lack of utilization of Upward Mobility Training and Tuition Assistance Program for the Maintenance Center (MC). The objective of this program is to train current and new managers in how to become triumphant leaders. The expected end result is the ability to operate a shop effectively and efficiently with excellent teamwork and high morale.

Section 1.2: Setting of the Problem The Maintenance Center located in Yermo, California is an industrially funded Depot Level Repair Facility which repairs and/or rebuilds ground combat equipment for all branches of the military (Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Army, Navy Coast Guards) and foreign military sales. The Maintenance Center is physically located within the Yermo Annex of the Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) in Barstow, California. The plant itself encompasses over 60 acres and employs between 1000-1200 employees depending upon workload.

The organization that will be studied in this project is the Multi-Commodity Maintenance Center, Repair Deport, Marine Corps Logistics Base, known as the Maintenance Center Barstow (MCB). This industrially funded center is under the direction of the Commanding General, Maintenance Center Albany (MCA), MCLB, Georgia.

The California based facility is responsible for the safety and welfare of approximately 935 civilian employees, fifteen active duty Marines of various ranks, and several contractors from different civilian agencies. The Maintenance Center uses a functional structure as a basis for its' division of labor. For an organization of this size and complexity, the form matches the function (p. 7, Organization Chart).

Another part of the Maintenance Center is the Environmental Safety Office, which functions under a different charter to ensure the Maintenance Center complies with Federal, State and local environmental legislation. This office represents the Maintenance Center...