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"The Bamboo Flute" by Gary Disher is a novel about a boy named Paul in the 1930s, the life of a boy in the 1930s would be very different to the life of a boy in the 2000s. I am going to show the difference in our lives by comparing ways to me and Paul before school, our lives at school & ways of getting to school.

In the 1930s, getting to school was a lot more difficult than it is today. Paul had to walk an hour to get to school every day no matter what the weather conditions, where as for me, I catch the tram for 30 minutes into the city and walk for 2 minutes. It is obvious that Paul's way of getting to school was a lot more difficult than my way.

Before school, Paul would wake up to find him self doing farm work such as milking the cows, in my time, I would wake up at quarter past 7 and get ready for school, get dressed, have breakfast & brush my teeth.

I think it was a lot harder for Paul than it is for me.

My school life is different to the school life of Paul in the 1930s, now the grade levels are in different rooms where as in the 1930s, they were all in the same room. The technology that we have today is more advanced that the technology in Paul's time. Now school punishment only goes from detention to suspension to expelling people, in the 1930s, the teachers were allowed to hurt the children. Schooling in the 1930s was a lot more difficult and painful to the schooling now.

In conclusion, I have to say I have a less difficult life compared to Paul's life because we have...