Bamboo in the Wind by Azucena Uranza

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Bamboo in the Wind

From the title itself, 'Bamboo in the Wind' indicates the Filipinos' resilience, just as a bamboo tends to bend with the wind. Although the plot revolves around the Marcos' regime, the cast of characters is able to cope with the changes in the society. In the novel, the character of Larry depicts the idealism turned to realism due to his resilience in the awakening of the Filipinos from their idyllic dream of a better Philippines, especially in the means to do so.

Returning from the United States, the land of dreams, Larry begins as an idealist because a man's ideal dream is to live a life that's happily ever after, evident from the text

"He had been eager to leave at first. But when the time drew near, he wanted to give up, preferring to stay and work.

In the U.S., he worked for a while after getting his degree but found no point in prolonging his stay in a foreign land. His place was home. And here he was, he thought happily, home at last, starting a new life, like a rebirth."

Furthermore, although he says the line to Connie "I can't be expected to fall in love with a political entity called a nation," his actions do not reflect his words; in fact, it is even Connie who informs Larry of the political situation, which is exemplified in the lines of Connie,

"Why should the government be so lavish in its so-called cultural programs, why should we at Holy Trinity pour out a lot of money on so much nonsense, while Jenny languished in Sta. Monica to grow up illiterate because the government and citizens like us can't afford or...