Bamboozled: Blacks In Television

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The motion picture Bamboozled, focuses on how the media stereotype black people. In the 20th century African Americans were misused and abused by the media because they were interpreted as poor, stupid, and ignorant. Also, white actors painted their faces black to make front of black people. In the film Spike Lee shows how two poor black men, Man Ray and Womack, make a fool of themselves by acting in black faces. Throughout American history the media always showed negative images about blacks instead of positive ones. Although, today there is still stereotypes the black race have become successful black performers just like whites.In Bamboozled, the main character, Pierre Delacroix, is portrayed to be a black man who wants to be white. Because he talks proper and haves a whitish accent he is not like the other blacks. In television history black people had to be a certain way in order to make it in the business, which is why Delacroix acts that way.

His boss, Dunwitty, who is white, thought he was blacker than him because of his black wife and Ebonics dialogue. Since the manager portrayed himself to be black he thought he had the authority to say the word "nigger." However, the person in charge wanted Delacroix to have a black show, which would criticize his people. Because Delacroix wanted to be famous he came up with a show named "Mantan-the New Millennium Minstrel." This show was based on two black men, Mantan and Sleep 'n Eat, who sing, dance, and prance in a watermelon patch. It stereotype black people being as coons and poor who were slaves of white people. The show haunted black people because of the time when whites were acting in black faces and slavery. In the film Spike Lee pointed...