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The United States has a significant history with firearms. Since the Revolution the America militia used guns to overthrow the British's control of the states. Farmers and peasants became soldiers with a mission for freedom. In the nineteenth century, there were the gun slinging cowboys that occupied the Midwest and have duels with one another. Firearms have advanced over the years. In World War One, the machine gun directly impacted the infantry weapons during that time. Then in World War Two, assault rifles and bazookas were put into play and heavily influenced weapons in years to come. After WW2, the AK-47 was made by Mikhail Kalashnikov. This gun was one of the first true assault rifles and remains the most widely used. There are many variants and descendants that came from the AK-47. It has been duplicated more than any other assault rifle to this day. How do you think young teenagers get access to firearms so easily today? For example, the alleged gunmen at the Columbine massacre didn't legitimately purchased their weapons from the gun shop.

They had an older adult purchase the guns for them. In America, these kinds of illegal purchasing of firearms happen all the time. Most of the time second hand firearms have the serial number filed off because the seller don't want the government to come after the first owner if there are any incidents with the gun. People can find loopholes within the system and take advantage of it. How do you think these teenage gang members get their weapons? The regulations and laws do not stop the people from disobeying them. Does that contribute to crimes and deaths? In recent studies, the crime rates have gone down in the US. According to "The Culture of Fear" by Barry Glassner, fears are meticulously...