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A survey of 2,000 teenage boys and girls in Singapore showed that many teenagers could not cope with the tremendous amount of homework given everyday. Hence, I suggest that all schools to introduce the ban of homework to reduce the students' workload.

Nowadays, giving more homework has become 'a trend' for all teachers. We have been given homework just for the sake of homework. As a result, we must stay up late to complete the great amount of homework. When students at the age of 14 like us do not get the required 6 hours of sleep, we would fall sick. Sometimes at night, when there is a lot of homework to complete, we would do it fast so that we can sleep early, but in the end, we do not learn anything. We might even copy answers from our friends and this will defeat the purpose of giving us homework.

Too much homework will also subject us to immense pressure, plus the threat of getting punished for being unable to complete all the homework only adds on to the pressure. Some may not be able to cope with the great pressure and may collapse or just give up everything altogether, ruining their future. Or worse, some may even consider ending their lives to escape the pressure.

I strongly believe that if schools ban homework and just give us assignments to be completed in school instead, we students will pay more attention and learn more at school. All learning should be confined to the curriculum time. If formal homework has been scrapped, we also can revise our work at home without having to worry about school. In this way, we can work and improve on our weaker subjects, getting better grades in our examinations.

In America, an Aussie public school, Eastern Fleureau High, is the forerunner of the ban homework scheme. The school has banned homework for its year seven and eight pupils. It turned out to be a successful experiment as the school claimed the students' results have improved greatly. This new policy has produced a noticeable difference in the performance of students sitting for the examination of senior schools. Their examination marks have improved by as much as 20 percent!

The ban of homework will also allow the teachers to have more personal time to spend with their families and friends as they do not need to mark the students' homework anymore. They can also spend more time to plan quality lessons and interact with their students.

Hence, I propose that the school should introduce the ban of homework for the benefit of both the students and teachers.