Ban Zhao and Lessons for Women

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Nu-jie, translated as Lessons for Women, by Ban Zhao is a famous Chinese literacy work about women, her virtues and her roles. Ban Zhao was the first known female Chinese historian and poet�. She was a renowned scholar under the Han dynasty and also a major contributor to the creation of one of the best-known history book ever written called Han Shu, which is translated to Book of Han�.

The Han dynasty is considered the most important time in the grand history of China. Many scholars have regarded the Han dynasty's reign as the "Golden Age of Chinese history" but not only that, the Chinese empire under the Han dynasty rose to the forefront of the world along side with the Romans, Parthians and Khushans as the four great societies in ancient time�.

It was a time of transitioning in China as there were constant developments in many social and cultural departments such as literature, science, art and industry. The Han dynasty also followed the ideals of Confucianism, which were reflected through politics as the government not only appointed talented men but also already capable men who were determined to improve. Confucianism quickly became the official ideology of the great nation�.

The Han dynasty's reign also marked the transformation of China's literacy and intellectual history. Confucianism had already had a big impact on the Chinese culture and on the lives of the Chinese as well. Its' principles also benefited the intellectuals under the Han's reign. The ancient Chinese had invented paper and also learned to how devise the lunar calendar. Literature and philosophies also reached new heights...