Bananas Are Interesting.

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Bananas are a symbol of life in a way. They curve which shows the basic structure of how life changes. They ripen and get better over time just like many people.

If you eat one( a good one) they can fend off mosquitoes. If you observe a nice person or a friend and absorb how they act under pressure, then you can be ready for when you are in trouble. And the more you have the better off you are. The less you have the more you cherish them and treat them better. If they are not true friends and they treat you badly, or you are unkind to them, they are not loyal or good friends. Just like if you treat a banana bad, it will be sour.

When you emerse into a greater-than-just-friends-relationship with a friend and then leave, the friendship will grow sour between you. If you try to return to the greater-than-friends-relationship, it will be very sour and will rarely work.

If you eat half a banana and leave it, it will rot. If you try to eat the banana later, then you will get a stomach ache or just eat a sour banana.

Bananas are amazingly like true life. So the next time you eat a banana, think about your life and how the two are the same. You just might stumble across a fault in your life that can be changed for the better. You just might find a truth you didn't expect from breakfast.