Band and slave societies

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The primitive man was a savage, he lived in savagery. The spears and the hunting trap were his first instruments for hunting down his preys. He must have felt cold, thus with fire he warmed himself and cooked his food. As time past or went on, he learnt how to make artificial dwelling places to replace his previous dwelling place -the caves and the rocks.

It is necessary to note that, with the development of agriculture, man's ways of acting and feeding transformed.

Instead of having band and tribe societies, where they moved around, they now settled down, moving to locations with sources of food, water and shelter. The division of labor was also changed, i.e. children gathered wood, and women gathered berries and men cropped plants. In order to stay alive, people started to domesticate animals.

We now see that small communities were established, with a division of work and labor.

Rules were also set, where you had to do "so much" to be a part of the community

As society transformed further, a differentiation began to emanate between those tribes or communities which had and had not forms of production. Thus, primitive division of labor developed as well as exchange. Of course primitive societies were not conflict free, when conflicts of wars erupted; those who emerged victorious were only cannibalistic on their captives, nothing more could be done to them or with them seeing that society was devoid of exploitation and enslavement.

In primitive society the mode of production is communal. This is due to the fact that in primitive society there is no privately owned property. This is a society which means of production is based on hunting and gathering. What is not consumed in the hunting becomes surplus and must be stored. Those who have control...