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In 1999, a sensational first-rate bicyclist, Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer. With support from family and fans and strength he fought his way through cancer. After making his comeback, he created a fundraiser to prevent cancer among the 10 million who are diagnosed with it every year. He designed a little yellow bracelet marked with the word ”Livestrong” that supported the prevention of cancer. I have several of these bands; most with different meaning on my arm but one them has the biggest spot in my heart. The cancer bracelets take several forms; they are united in the goals of honoring those who have battled the disease and promoting awareness. The one that means a lot to me is a pink bracelet that heartens the prevention of breast cancer. The pink bracelet is marked with the words hope, courage, and faith. I wear the bracelet because it on March 23rd, 1997 I lost my mother to breast cancer.

The pink bracelet hugs my arm like mothers warm hug that bare the beauty in life.

For those who are challenged by or been touched by Breast Cancer, a specially designed pink bracelet was made. Softly slides onto a wrist of an adult or child. Wearing the bracelet is a respectful way to pledge our Hope, Courage, and faith to find a cure.

The bracelet signifies constant hope to get out of bed out of bed every morning with a positive attitude. An opposition to death and determination not to die, holds a fiery spirit in not to give up. Trusting in their body portrays the faith a patient must have to overcome the gallant fight against breast cancer a born determination to not accept the defeat of losing a life, comes with tremendous courage.

I still remember when I...