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The Banning of Guns I am doing my report on the banning of guns in the United Stated of America. I do no think that guns should be banned from the Untied States of America because there is one reason they would be banned for, people shooting one another. But guns are not only used for killing people, they are used for many other things too. People use them for hunting. People would no longer be able to hunt if guns are banned. They are used for hunting deer, birds, or any other animals that are hunted. " About three/fourths of all U.S.

homes own at least one gun. The top reason for gun ownership are protecting the home, hunting,and target shooting.

Gun violence is a very bad problem in America today. Everyday, people are killed by guns. Gangs walking the streets mostly shoot people, and most people in gangs are younger than 18.

The usually are high school dropouts or they may never had even attended school. They think that nobody cares for them and they shoot people out of anger or sadness. A lot of gang members are killed by other gangs also by guns.

The United States are thinking about really enforcing a new law. The law is that all guns that are not used by the military or for government use are to be banned. They are trying to stop gun violence on the streets and in homes.

Every year, guns kill 35,000 people. In 1997, guns were the weapon used in approximately 70 % of the murders in the United States.

Another objection to the gun law is the Second Amendment to the CONSTITUIOUN OF THE UNITED STATES, which reads: "A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of...